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The Passage Trilogy Podcast

Welcome to The Passage Trilogy Podcast! This is a podcast dedicated to Justin Cronin best-selling trilogy of novels (The Passage, The Twelve, & City of Mirrors) and the upcoming TV pilot and series on FOX.


Join me as I do a chapter by chapter review and analysis of The Passage Trilogy. I'll talk about the plot, the themes, the characters, and how this series fits into the our collective consciousness and the horror/sci-fi canon.


I'll also keep you updated on the upcoming TV pilot and all the production news that comes with it. In addition, I'll let you know what Justin Cronin is up to and what his next project might be.


This is a show for fans of The Passage, so it's your show. Send in your questions, comments, or concerns, and I'll address them on show. You can contact me:

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Feb 23, 2017

The Passage Trilogy Podcast is an Unofficial Podcast Dedicated to Justin Cronin's book trilogy and upcoming film, The Passage.

In Episode Three I'll talk about chapter 4 of Section 1 of The Passage which I've titled, "Sister Lacey." This chapter explores the origins of the relationship between Sister Lacey Kudoto & Amy, the girl from nowhere and how it fits into the larger narrative of the epic.

I will also talk about the upcoming film version of The Passage! SPOILER ALERT! THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE A FILM VERSION OF THE PASSAGE!

You can submit your questions, comments, and/or concerns to, on Twitter @passagetrilogy, on Facebook at

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